The Lowry : Brochure

The ultimate game of Tetris. The music gets faster the blocks speed up. The production of the brochure works as a tag team, currently Rachael from the Marketing Department calls out the next block
and I slot them into place.


We produce The Lowry brochure four times a year. It's packed
to the rafters with all the shows for the next season. I've built custom templates and style sheets to help cope with the constant changes and additions necessary in completing this Goliath.


Now, I've set up an online version of the brochure and produce supplementary print to be sent out alongside, such as the Schools print and a quick guide to all the popular shows.

Members At The Lowry

Dance At The Lowry

Development At The Lowry

Screen printed  bags that are sold in the shop, all profits
go to The Lowry Charity




Here's some more which haven’t been printed yet.




An overview of what we do at The Lowry




The Lowry's 2020 Vision




Learning & Engagement At The Lowry




Front of house posters